Wesley W. Kropp
(718) 815-7445


“I do not use the word ‘genius’ to describe my work. The truth is other persons have already done that, a fact for which I am very grateful.”
-Wesley W. Kropp

How my talent may serve you

My ability to draw by hand and paint my designs in water color and gouache is a rare talent. I draw in great detail, with side views, cross-sections and elevations that leave little doubt to the jeweler or factory master as to what needs to be done to achieve magnificent products. This is ideal for factories that produce ten pieces or ten thousand. My understanding of the practicalities of manufacturing allows me to design all styles of things and at various price points.

With contemporary technology, I am able to scan and email designs to clients the world over. Retainer agreements for a project or for a period of time may be arranged.

Neither the hand of the master designer nor his knowledge can be replaced by machine.

For Manufacturers

I will design collections built on a design theme or marketing idea, perfectly suited to particular retail venues and price points. Sales of jewelry now are through traditional stores, store web sites, and television. Packaging, store displays and logos can also be designed by me to co-ordinate with a marketing plan. Exciting presentation of products is essential for success.

For Retailers

I can work with your company and the manufacturer of your choice to make special collections for a single retailer or for a chain of stores. I have designed logos for stores and special collections that then co-ordinate with the proper packaging and display of the merchandise. Dynamic and special displays and packaging truly helps to sell jewelry or art objects.

For Private Clients

If desired, I am able to have the finest jewelers craft my jewelry designs for discerning private clients. While bespoke jewels are rare and costly, therein is the great pleasure of exclusivity.

For Designers

Not only have I worked as a private label designer for jewelry manufacturers, I am also able to carry out this work for fashion designers. Many savvy fashion designers know the tremendous value of specially designed accessories. They also seek to go into the jewelry business as a special addition to their collections. Eventually, these collections may stand alone in stores, and even be marketed on television. I am able to facilitate this process.