Wesley W. Kropp
(718) 815-7445

Art Objects

Throughout history, luxurious objects of art are one of the definitive standards by which a people become known as truly civilized. As one who loves the history of art and architecture, I take great pleasure in designing beautiful art objects with panache, flair and fantasy, inspired by the past, but with an aesthetic that is current. My interpretation of detail and proportion is perfectly suited for today’s connoisseur. Ornaments both elaborate and simple are a great accessory for homes of contemporary as well as historical design. I invite you to avail yourself or your company of my design talent that I may bring forth your greatest visions of beauty. My extensive portfolios await your perusal. What you will see here is only a small portion of my vast body of work.

More information A large crystal picture frame designed for Jay Strongwater. The design motifs are poppies and butterflies, the butterflies being jeweled and enameled.
More information Box designed as a peacock resting on a garden urn. Designed for Jay Strongwater and featured in the Spring, 2001 catalog of Neiman Marcus.
More information Perfume bottle stoppers of metal, crystals and enamel designed for Jay Strongwater and featured by Neiman Marcus.
More information Purse compacts designed for Jay Strongwater, as photographed in the Saks Fifth Catalog, Spring, 2003.
More information More purse compacts designed for Jay Strongwater as seen in Vogue Magazine, December, 2002.
More information Picture frame designed as two parrots sitting in the branches of a fig tree. Designed for Jay Strongwater and photographed for a full page ad in Architectural Digest, September, 2000.
More information Candelabra designed for Jay Strongwater to honor the 95th Anniversary of Neiman Marcus.