About the Artist

Wesley W. Kropp’s superb design work has been featured in Town & Country, Architectural Digest, Vogue, Tiffany & Co., Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Gump’s, and the Horchow Collection. His editorial coverage and publicity is a result of collaborations with top designers and celebrities including: Jay Strongwater, Ivana Trump, Ann Hand, Joan Rivers, Princess Amanda Borghese, and numerous private clients. In addition, international corporate clients include Gori & Zucchi (Uno‑A‑Erre), Italy, and Pranda, Thailand. His world wide background gives Mr. Kropp the ability to draw on a multitude of design aesthetics, which allows his talent to move from high luxury to equally beautiful more affordable jewelry.

Mr. Kropp is a master designer and architectural draughtsman, with experience in all aspects of jewelry and art object manufacturing. His training includes postgraduate studies with three renowned designers: Margot Suffran of Van Cleef & Arpels, Donald Claflin of Tiffany & Co., and Sandra Boucher of Cartier. Working with the designer, Jose Hess further refined his meticulous drawing and rendering of jewelry.

Formal post graduate education for Mr. Kropp was based at the Abbey School for Jewelry Design. The course included design and rendering, wax model making, casting of gold and silver, finishing, silver smithing, stone setting, stone cutting and faceting. He graduated from the Gemological Institute of America having completed their diamond course.

A six year association and apprenticeship with a former Parisian jeweler in New York City provided some of the most extraordinary experience in the world of the very finest jewelry. Mr. Michel Ward had made jewelry for Eva Peron, the King and Queen of Spain, Maria Callas, the Duchess of Windsor and art jewels for Salvador Dali. Additionally he worked on the production of the coronation jewels for the Shah of Iran.

This association brought Mr. Kropp into a realm of exemplary jewels. Indeed, during this time he also worked with jewelry brought to Christie’s Auction House, under the direction of Francois Curiel, head of jewelry. The immense beauty and value of the jewelry was a rare privilege to experience.

Mr. Kropp’s classical influence impacts popular design today and has bearing upon all his design work. “The glorious art and decoration of the past inspires me and remains the basis of my ability to design in a wide range of styles. In fact, it is my great knowledge of art and architecture which is the root of my ability to design wonderfully new and elegant styles for today’s market.”